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Easy Track

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TRACK must be screwed into studs behind wallboard. Warranty is void if TRACK is only screwed into drywall, as TRACK will fall down when screws pull out of drywall.

  1. Remove Existing Shelving

    Remove existing closet rod, shelf, and shelf support.

    If, desired, fill holes in plaster and repaint closet. When filling holes, mark these locations, as they generally mark the location of studs.

  2. Attach Track

    Using a level, draw a line across the back of the closet, 76" above the floor. NOTE: The 76" height will put the top of the verticals 84" above the floor, and provide 41" for double hanging clothes. The track height can be adjusted depending on the individual needs. Figure 1.

    Locate the studs. If the suds are not marked from Step 1, tap wall to locate or use an electronic stud finder. Mark the wall ½" below the horizontal line. Studs (2x4) are usually located on 16" centers measured from the left or right side.

    Lay out the closet design to determine approximately where you will locate the vertical panels. Mark the vertical panel locations on the wall below the horizontal line. Figure 2.

    If any of the vertical panels are not within 3" of a stud, a toggle bolt is needed to attach the track to the wall. To determine the location of the toggle bolt(s), hold one of the tracks over the horizontal line, tight to the corner. Mark the hole locations near studs and vertical panels (keeping track level). Figure 3.

    NOTE: Do not use the holes directly behind vertical panels, use the holes one space away, especially in the corners.

    NOTE: If toggle bolts are required they must be installed prior to attaching the track to the wall.

    Measure the remaining closet width. Mark and cut the remaining track to length with a hacksaw. Mark the holes near the vertical panels.

    For Standard Drywall/Wallboard/Sheetrock:

    For holes marked at studs, drill a pilot hole with a 1/8" drill bit. Attach the track to the wall using #8 x 50mm screws. Figure 3a. NOTE: Do not leave the end of the track unsupported, it must be attached to the wall.

Easy Track Installation

Easy Track Installation

Easy Track Installation

Easy Track Installation

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