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Easy Track

Sample Walk-in Closets

Easy Track
Walk-in A
  To design your walk-in closet, think of your closet as a combination of reach-in closets. Simply measure each wall separately, planning your storage one wall at a time. "Turning the corner" with Corner Shelves will better utilize your space. (Note: Corner Shelves measure 30" along each wall from the corner.) (Exhibit A)


Easy Track
Walk-in B
  If you are sharing the master closet, lay out the design with the left wall for one person, the right wall for the other. If space allows, the back wall can be shared space. A popular design sets a tower (long verticals with 24" shelves, drawers, or baskets) in the center of the side wall with double or single hanging on either side of the tower. (Exhibit B)


Easy Track
Walk-in C
  If your closet space does not allow a tower on each side of the closet, plan the side walls for hanging space and place a tower on the back wall of your closet to utilize shelves, drawers, shoe cubes or baskets. (Exhibit C)

All drawers figured 24" width
All baskets figured 24" - White with White/Chrome with Colors

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Sample Closet
Sample Closet

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