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Lumberock Mineral Plastic Composite (MPC) Lumber
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LumbeRock is the next generation of synthetic, maintenance free decking. LumbeRock is a mineral filled high density polyethylene composite deck board that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

LumbeRock uses new technology by adding a mineral to plastic to make a synthetic board that will not have the problems common to wood-based or wood-filled composite products. These products claim to be maintenance free, however many consumers have experienced problems with mold and mildew, swelling, delaminating, rapid fading and staining. LumbeRock is maintenance free! The mineral added to LumbeRock has the following unique characteristics:

  • Increased HDPE (high density polyethylene) strength
  • Increased durability for longer life
  • Decreased expansion/contraction

Special Order for FOX, allow 3 - 5 day's lead time depending upon availability.

Harbor Wood 12' and 16' Decking

In Stock!


PVC Free

PVC Free

LumbeRock Pricing - All Colors
Special Order - Available 3-5 Days - Listed Lengths Only
Item Description Length Price
5/4x6 12' or 16' $3.45/Lin.Ft.
2x6 12' or 16' $4.95/Lin.Ft.
1x10 8' $4.99/Lin.Ft.
2x4 12' or 16' $3.89/Lin.Ft.
2x2 12' $2.55/Lin.Ft.
4x4 12' or 16' $8.19/Lin.Ft.
4x4 Post Sleeves 48" $49.88 ea.
Cap & Skirt Kit 4x4 $14.88 ea.

Post Sleeve Kit Post Sleeve Cap

The recommended span for residential applications is 16" on-center for all LumbeRock 5/4x6 deck boards and 24" on-center for all LumbeRock 2x6 deck boards.

LumbeRock must be gapped end to end, based on the length of the board and temperature at installation. This will allow for the expansion of the material in warmer temperatures and the contraction of the material in cooler temperatures. You can expect that a 12-foot board will expand 1/8" on each end when installed at 60°F based on an expected increase of 40°F. Therefore, in this example, you would gap the boards 1/4" in end-to-end installation. For a complete expansion table see below:


Installation Guidelines

LumbeRock LumbeRock


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